Competitive Regions and Employability of Adults Through Education.


"AiKomPass" is a tool for visualising and documenting skills for employees in the metal-working and electrical industries. The "AiKo – Recognition of informally acquired skills" project was sponsored by the regional Ministry for Finance and the Economy in Baden-Württemberg. The project sponsor was AgenturQ, an institution jointly supported by the IG Metall Baden-Württemberg and Südmetall trade unions to promote professional advanced training in the Baden-Württemberg metal-working and electrical industries. Scientific support was rendered by the Institute for Professional and General Pedagogics of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Heidelberg Teacher Training College. (Type: Tool / Level: Regional Level / Language: German, English)


With the "AlphaDekade" - Nationale Dekade für Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung (National Decade for Literacy and Basic Education) the federal government, the Länder and their partners want to significantly improve the reading and writing skills of adults in Germany from 2016 to 2026. The central success factor should be to promote more basic education offers and to attract more people to take advantage of these offers. The question of how adults with low literacy skills can be reached and activated for learning is the central challenge of all measures. In a work program to be updated annually, the Board of Trustees of the "AlphaDekade" defined how these goals should be achieved by means of five fields of action (1st Public Relation, 2nd Research, 3rd Learning, 4th Professionalization, 5th Structures). The website contains many interesting projects (best practice examples), tools for the development of literacy and basic education programs, as well as information on funding opportunities and tendering procedures. >>> More about the AlphaDakade in "General Agreement on the National Decade for Literacy and Basic Skills 2016-2026". (Type: National Campaign; website with many important literacy Tools / Level: Regional Level / Language: German, PDF in English)

AlphaDekade - General Agreement

The "Grundsatzpapier Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung 2016-2026. Den funktionalen Analphabetismus in Deutschland verringern und das Grundbildungsniveau erhöhen" (General Agreement on the National Decade for Literacy and Basic Skills 2016-2026. Reducing functional illiteracy and raising the level of basic skills in Germany) is available online as a PDF file on the "AlphaDekade" web pages. (Type: Policy Paper / Level: National Level / Language: PDF in English)


Taking its name from the German abbreviation for "Literacy for the Workplace and Basic Education for Adults", the aim of the project "AlphaGrund" is to further the basic education of the low-skilled. Working with companies, job centres and other partners, the project’s staff develop strategies for enabling both employed and unemployed workers to bring their reading, writing and arithmetic skills up to speed. The project offers training courses tailored to the needs of the employers in the relevant sector. (Type: Project / Level: National Level / Language: German)


ArtSet brings together research, education, consulting and quality testing. Under the motto "The Art of Success", the ArtSet Research Education Consulting Company pursues in its work the goal to support change processes and quality development in organizations and to release resources and potential of organizations and people working there. The customers of ArtSet come primarily from the areas of education (schools and adult education) and social services. The approach of the work is characterized by looking at organizations as a whole and understanding them as a system in the context of their environments. The four work areas of ArtSet research, education, consulting and quality testing are closely related. Research and practice are understood as mutually fertilizing fields of work. (Type: Company / Level: Regional Level / Language: German)

Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten e.V.

The "Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten e.V." (Association of German Educational Organisations) is an association made up of approximately 170 continuing education centres throughout Germany with various profiles - youth education centres, adult education centres, academies, Europe centres, educational centres of party-related foundations and international encounter centres. As a whole these independent educational organisations represent a wide spectrum of various training offers as well as organisational structures. The AdB offers to its members comprehensive information on the association and civic education, concrete assistance and a forum for international exchange on the basis of its non-partisan expertise and wide spectrum of subjects covered. The AbB is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. (Type: Association / Level: National Level / Language: German, English)

Aula de Mayores de la UMA (SPAIN)

The University of Málaga, through the Delegation of the Rector for Equality and Social Action, together with the Department for Equality and Social Welfare, launches the Aged people Class +55, with the objective of giving an opportunity for those people who, now, after the end of their work stage or for other circumstances, wish to access training and general culture, providing them with a space for cultural, social and scientific debate, and offering them an ideal framework for coexistence intergenerational.

AAL - Forum

The ALL - Active and Assisted Living Programme promotes innovative technological product ideas and services for active and healthy ageing, supporting them until they launch on the market. These innovations are presented at the annual AAL Forum, among the largest European events of its kind. The forum provides an excellent opportunity to network within the AAL community and to discuss issues around AAL within workshops, keynote presentations and a large exhibition area. (Type: Communication Tool / Level: European Level / Language: English)

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