Vysočina Education


Vysočina Education
Vysočina Education was founded by the Vysočina Region, it is an institution with a support function for educational activities. The organization cooperates with many institutions abroad. The institution is also involved in ESF projects connected with mentoring at schools, ICT methods and adult education. Vysočina Education established a group of cooperating headteachers who regularly meet and discuss school management issues. Vysočina Education also regularly prepares in-service teacher training courses for schools and also offers study programs for school professionals and adult learners. All employees are experienced in the field of dissemination.
Vysocina Education is linked with Kraj Vysocina and other regional and national organisations. Employees of Vysočina Education regularly monitor situation of schools and adult education, the institution is a member of the Regional board for HR management and is aware of needs of school, all learners and all stakeholders.
Vysočina Education employees experts in adult education and other related branches like career guidance and couching. Experts are trained to support adult learners in processes of analysing learning needs. Vysočina Education uses CAF as quality system.