Policy Assessment and Mapping of Policy Tools.

At present, there is no taxonomy nor coherent definitions (at EU level, national and local levels across Member States) concerning Adult Education policy measures, tools and initiatives. The key element of innovation of CREATE Assessment is the definition of a methodology to classify (and hence identify) such policy tools and measures across different policy settings, countries and AE dimensions (all represented by the partnership: academia, public sector, private sector, NGO all interested in AE as providers, suppliers, users, facilitators and policy makers).

CREATE Assessment, that is “Policy Assessment And Mapping Of Policy Tools”, will have an immediate impact on the quality of the CREATE project as it is instrumental for the development of the ToolBox to be made available to all regional/local policy makers across EU for Adult Education. In addition, the impact of the CREATE Assessment (Methodology + Taxonomy) lies in its immediate “transferability” to other domains of education (in particular VET, whose policies are mainly implemented at local level by local authorities) and other countries (i.e. not only EU).

  CREATE Project Report