Competitive Regions and Employability of Adults Through Education.


The WIS (Weiterbildungs-Informations-System / Training Information System) is a search engine for continuing education topics in Germany. The WIS is committed to promote continuing vocational training and to focus on the target group of professionals and executives. It helps to increase transparency in the German market for continuing vocational training. It also helps to make independent, rational consumer decisions possible. The WIS is operated by DIHK Service GmbH, a subsidiary of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. DIHK Service GmbH is responsible for the operation and ongoing development of the WIS. (Type: Search Engine and Information Tool / Level: National Level / Language: German)


The main task of the "ZAWiW - Zentrum für Allgemeine Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung" (Center for General Scientific Continuing Education) at the University of Ulm is the development and implementation of innovative educational programs for older adults. The academic weeks, research-based learning, the Ulmer 3-generation university (u3gu) and the "studium generale" are continuous events. In addition, there are practice-oriented research projects, which are focused on subjects like new media, Europe, young and old. The ZAWiW is part of the Department of Humanities and as such it is responsible for research and teaching in the area of Geragogics and research-based learning. (Type: Research and Learning Center / Level: Regional Level / Language: German, English)


The "ZFU - Staatliche Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht" (Federal Central Office for Distance Learning) is the authority responsible for the country within the meaning of the Remote Directive Protection Act (FernUSG). Among other things, the ZFU decides on the admission of distance learning courses. The websites of the ZFU receive further information about the ZFU and distance learning. The ZFU database also informs about all permitted distance learning courses in Germany. (Type: State Central Office / Level: National Level / Language: German)


The "ZWW - Zentrum für Weiterbildung und Wissenstransfer der Universität Augsburg" (Center for Lifelong Learning of the University of Augsburg) assists individuals as well as organizations in their professional development and offers them individual customer liaison and support. For companies the ZWW provides products that are custom made to their individual demands. As an educational affiliate the ZWW serves their private customers with offers up-to-date on scientific levels. With their innovative and practical approach the ZWW sets quality standards which can be documented to the outside by obtaining a university certificate or an academic degree. (Type: Scientific Center / Level: Regional Level / Language: German, partly in English)

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