Competitive Regions and Employability of Adults Through Education.

Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten e.V.

The "Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten e.V." (Association of German Educational Organisations) is an association made up of approximately 170 continuing education centres throughout Germany with various profiles - youth education centres, adult education centres, academies, Europe centres, educational centres of party-related foundations and international encounter centres. As a whole these independent educational organisations represent a wide spectrum of various training offers as well as organisational structures. The AdB offers to its members comprehensive information on the association and civic education, concrete assistance and a forum for international exchange on the basis of its non-partisan expertise and wide spectrum of subjects covered. The AbB is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. (Type: Association / Level: National Level / Language: German, English)

Aula de Mayores de la UMA (SPAIN)

The University of Málaga, through the Delegation of the Rector for Equality and Social Action, together with the Department for Equality and Social Welfare, launches the Aged people Class +55, with the objective of giving an opportunity for those people who, now, after the end of their work stage or for other circumstances, wish to access training and general culture, providing them with a space for cultural, social and scientific debate, and offering them an ideal framework for coexistence intergenerational.

AAL - Forum

The ALL - Active and Assisted Living Programme promotes innovative technological product ideas and services for active and healthy ageing, supporting them until they launch on the market. These innovations are presented at the annual AAL Forum, among the largest European events of its kind. The forum provides an excellent opportunity to network within the AAL community and to discuss issues around AAL within workshops, keynote presentations and a large exhibition area. (Type: Communication Tool / Level: European Level / Language: English)


The "AEWB - Agentur für Erwachsenen- und Weiterbildung" (Agency of Adult and Continuing Education) is an organisationally autonomous institution established on the basis of the "Niedersächsisches Erwachsenenbildungsgesetz" (Lower Saxon Adult Education Act). It is provided by the Lower Saxon League for Liberal Adult Education and operates in a field where politics, public administration, research and practical pedagogical work overlap. The AEWB was established in 2004/2005 by the Government of Lower Saxony and the Lower Saxonian Adult Education Association (nbeb) in order to support the work of adult education providers in this province. It is the only institution of its type in Germany. (Type: Agency / Level: Regional Level / Language: German, English)


The "ALEB – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ländliche Erwachsenenbildung Baden-Württemberg e.V." (Working Group Rural Adult Education Baden-Württemberg e.V.) was founded in 1967 as an umbrella organization of various educational institutions in rural areas. The organs of ALEB are the Board and the General Assembly. Today, the ALEB has a total of 22 members, whose independence is maintained and which consist of the following areas: Farmer colleges, Education and social work of rural women's associations, Association of Agricultural School Graduates, Educational institutions of the church, Village assistants work and rural youth associations. ALEB represents the interests of its members to the public authorities and to the society at regional and national level, encourages the exchange of information and experience among each other, and coordinates common events and projects. ALEB offers education courses throughout Baden-Württemberg. The ALEB is also a member of the Federal Association for Adult Education in Rural Areas and is funded by the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg. (Type: Association / Level: Regional Level / Language: German)


With the "Bildungsprämie" (Education Bonus), the federal government promotes individual and job oriented vocational further education. Job oriented means that the selected training must be important for the professional context - for the current or a planned new activity. Individual means that it is about the personal educational interests - regardless of the interests of the employer. (Type: Promotion / Level: Regional Level / Language: German)

Bündnis für Lebenslanges Lernen

The "Bündnis für Lebenslanges Lernen" (Lifelong Learning Alliance) was launched on 20 December 2011. The alliance comprises about 40 umbrella associations, organizations and individual institutions from general, vocational and scientific further education training, as well as the participating ministries of Baden-Württemberg. For six years, the Alliance partners have worked in several working groups to build and promote sustainable structures and networks in order to strength the entire adult education sector in Baden-Württemberg. First successful results of their work are the establishment of the "Digitaler Weiterbildungscampus" (Digital Campus for Continuous Education) >>> and the "Landesnetzwerk Weiterbildungsberatung" (Network for continuing education guidance in Baden-Württemberg) >>> The office of the Alliance for Lifelong Learning is located in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Baden-Württemberg. (Type: Alliance / Level: Regional Level / Language: German)


The "BA - Bundesagentur für Arbeit" (Federal Employment Agency) is composed of the headquarters in Nuremberg, 10 "Regionaldirektionen" (Regional Directorates), 156 employment agencies and about 600 branch offices. At an intermediate level, the BA's Regional Directorates are responsible for the success of regional labour market policies. To coordinate their duties with labour market, structural and economic policies of the Länder, they work closely with the Länder governments. On the BA websites, unemployed people, job seekers and interested parties can find out about funding opportunities, search for job vacancies, create their own competency profiles and much more. (Type: National Agency; website with many useful search tools / Level: National Level / Language: German, English, Arabic)

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