Competitive Regions and Employability of Adults Through Education.


The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) provides a forum in which governments can work together to share experiences and seek solutions to common problems. The OECD's work on education helps individuals and nat

Policy Toolkit for Policy Making in Northern Ireland

Policy Toolkit for Policy Making in Northern Ireland

Project Awareness Raising for Adult Learning and Education (ARALE)

The ARALE project has come up with five groups of recommendations for building a strong awareness raising campaign for adult education: These are: 1.How to convince policy-makers 2.How to reach out to potential learners 3.How to organis

Project „Towards to integrated system for validation of non-formal and informal learning”

Val –Net Project objectives: •Raising awareness of validation of non-formal and informal learning result outcomes, the European Union's policy framework and policy framework for the development in Latvia; •Creating Partnership between

State Employment Agency of Latvia, (SEA)

The mission of State Employment Agency of Latvia SEA) is to ensure the implementation of the state unemployment reduction policy by providing efficient services and promoting employment in the public interests. The SEA has the following

Training companies search engine (SPAIN)

Advanced Search Engine, you can find Centers Training institutions and training specialties, you can search for accredited training centers, identifying your location, data, training specialties and professional occupations linked to th

Training credits Calculator (SPAIN)

The credit available to companies during the current fiscal year is calculated from two data: what is quoted by the company in respect of Vocational Training in the previous year and the size of its staff, which will determine the perce

TAO - Project

"TAO" stands for the Chinese character meaning "way", "method" as well as for "Third Age Online". TAO’s main goal is to make it easier for older people to take advantage of the opportunities offered by online communities. TAO also seeks

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