Project CREATE

Competitive Regions and Employability of Adults Through Education.

The overall objective of CREATE is to enhance the performance and efficiency of Adult Education (AE) by intervening at systemic level at the nexus between overarching EU Policy (EU2020) and implementation on the ground, i.e. regions tasked with policy formulation and implementation of education programmes. The EU recognises the need to act at local level to better coordinate and plan policies, including the various sources of funding that at times may generate confusion, i.e. Erasmus+, European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.

CREATE originates from the need to identify and exploit success factors to improve effectiveness and impact of AE with the overall objective of reducing geographic disparities in educational opportunities and outcomes across and within EU regions. CREATE’ will enhance policy formulation and promote evidence-based AE policy and practice, also by further aligning strategy, policy and funding of AE.

a) Benchmark and comparatively assess AE policies for regional development
b) Extrapolate best practices, lessons learned, effective policy options and tools
c) Build CREATE ToolBox for policy makers on how to embed AE in regional economic development strategies

CREATE main results are the:
1. CREATE network, platform and virtual community for enhanced cooperation between regional authorities to promote development of adult education systems and their integration in local/regional development
2. CREATE ToolBox for closer alignment of adult education to economic development strategies at regional level